Fan Picks Review

Fan Picks Review

Complete Platform Analysis
fan picks review

Complete Fan Picks Review for July

In this Fan Picks Review, we’ll cover the brand and company behind the brand as well as the daily fantasy sports product itself. Fan Picks Inc. (parent company FanTech Software Inc.) is a private company and was founded in 2015. Fan Picks is a daily fantasy sports website and app that features a number of different contest types. When signing up to play on Fan Picks, be sure to use our Fan Picks Promo Code.

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fan picks reviews by hello rookie

Importantly, FanTech Software Inc. has two main operations. Again, one of them is the Fan Picks daily fantasy sports website/app and the other is known as AlphaStreak. The AlphaStreak portion of their business is focused on bridging the gap between ‘lottery type operators’ and the fantasy sports market.

The FanTech Software Inc. business is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

FanTech Software Inc. is again a private company, so their corporate ownership and leadership isn’t readily available. However, when researching the attached brands, we we’re able to find a few names relative to some of their operations.

Charly Mechaly is or at one time was known as the CEO & VP of Corporate Sales at AlphaStreak.

Aldo Panessidi has been known as a FanPicks marketing manager.

Shawn Perez, at one point and possibly currently is listed as a spokesperson.

The legendary Terry Hulk Hogan Bollea was once and possibly currently a brand ambassador to the Fan Picks brand.

Notably, there hasn’t been much by way of public relations or news regarding the Fan Picks brand in any great detail since roughly 2015.

Fan Picks Review of Contest Types

Fan Picks is most widely known for their NCAA Football and Basketball daily fantasy sports options. However, they also feature NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer and Golf.

In terms of contest types, their most popular style is Salary Cap. Although, they do offer a huge array including but not limited to Tournaments, Head to Heads, Cross Sport and Lottery.

fan picks review of contest entry limits

Fan Picks Review of Entry Limits

Look, Fan Picks doesn’t have a huge customer base. They’re a relatively small operation (we’ve frankly contributed a large portion of their NCAA football market).

Therefore, when it comes to exploring their entry limit ranges, you’ll most typically find max limits of 2 – 5. Usually the bigger contests will entail a max entry limit of 20.

fan picks review of player pricing and team budgets

Fan Picks Review of Player Pricing / Team Budget

Pointing out again that Fan Picks indeed has a number of different contests types, Salary Cap tends to be the most popular. Fan Picks Salary Cap contests always feature a team budget of $50,000.

fan picks review of platform ui and ux

Fan Picks Review of Platform / App UI & UX

While there are a few other daily fantasy sports platforms that overshadow Fan Picks by leaps and bounds (namely Fanduel, Draftkings and Draft), they’ve put together a fairly solid product.

The Fan Picks desktop, mobile and app platforms are a bit clunky in design and could certainly be more intuitive. However, for those looking for something else, anything besides the giants such as Fanduel or Draftkings, beggars can’t be choosers.

We suspect that the entire platform will be further developed in the future as the brand grows. Player cards and other crucial aspects of any daily fantasy sports platform need vast improvement in order to be competitive.

fan picks review summary

Fan Picks Review Summary 2019

All in all, we’re fans of Fan Picks. Sure, you have to take the good along with the bad. But, as the saying goes, ‘you have to start somewhere’.

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Fan Picks Rating Overview

Additionally, it would be nice to have a better affiliate relationship with them.

After all, if we're going to push potential players to their platform, it would be nice to develop some consistent commissions (as opposed to not get paid for players we're responsible for sending).

Lastly, as with all affiliate relationship, it's important to have proper transparent data, statistics and tracking information in place.

With that being said, we're on board. Why not? A daily fantasy sports start-up? We're in there like swimwear.