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Welcome to our DraftKings CFL playbook. Here you’ll discover everything from DraftKings CFL lineups and game strategies to promotions, reviews and the most frequently asked questions to the league that gets forgotten when the NFL season starts.

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If you missed our week one article, here is a quick recap: we nailed Trevor Harris, Andrew Harris, Sean Thomas-Erlington, Bryan Burnham, and Juwan Brescacin, and missed bigly on Bralon Addison and Trevaun Smith. We have adjusted... somewhat... Smith is dead to me until I see him prove it, but I can't stop, won't stop …

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Welcome to our first CFL article ever! I have actually covered fantasy CFL for the past three seasons with The Daily Audible and Fantasy Football Freaks, and have now taken my talents to Hello Rookie. For those of you not familiar with the Canadian version of football, here is a Wikipedia article explaining the differences …

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Grab our DraftKings Promo Code and use it to take advantage of the latest DraftKings promotions for CFL Fantasy Football.

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Learn everything you need to know about DraftKings CFL contests and more via our DraftKings CFL Daily Fantasy Sports Review.

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Betting on CFL games is coming to a state near you SOON. Get up to speed with our detailed DraftKings Sportsbook Review today.

DraftKings CFL FAQ’s

Which DraftKings CFL daily fantasy sports contests have the best odds?

What’s the best source for DraftKings CFL daily fantasy sports lineups and picks?

So we’re all on the same page, CFL stand for the Canadian Football League. Yes, they have a ‘professional’ football league and for football fanatics, it’s sort of an entertainment appetizer before the NFL season kicks-off in the United States.

You rarely here of CFL teams or players in the US because to be quite frank, from a business interest prospective, US companies are not involved in the league. With that being the case, even the deepest of sports researchers have trouble staying up to date on CFL team and player happenings.

As an American citizen, you’re essentially left to search Canadian local newspapers online for any and all updates about the league. It so happens that our very own Chris Lollis is a fantasy football phenom and has no problem reading through the Saskatoon Star Phoenix for information on the Saskatchewan Roughriders, for example.

Having stated that, we’re a two man team here at Hello Rookie and we cover College Football and the NFL deeply during their respective seasons. Therefore, whether or not our Our CFL lineups get made and or published are directly tied to just how proactive we feel like being. Similarly, Chris’s scotch intake is a rough yet routinely solid indicator as to whether or not we’re graced with CFL picks each week. In other words, the more scotch consumed, the more likely we’re to receive CFL lineups.

I have one relevant piece of advice regarding CFL lineups being published across Hello Rookie channels. If you want them, write strongly worded comments in our NFL and NCAAF weekly lineup videos. If Chris sees absolutely any desire for them, he’ll pour a glass of the the most stubborn Scotland has to offer and get waist deep in Winnipeg WR’s.

Where can you find DraftKings CFL daily fantasy sports strategies?

Again, what more do you want from us? We’re a two man team covering the in’s and out’s of the NFL & NCAAF seasons. We haven’t exactly had the time to take a deep dive into Our DraftKings CFL strategies.

In all seriousness however, we do fully intend on providing more CFL strategy and advice. We’ll most likely be bringing on more writers to help cover the breadth of fantasy sports in coming years.

In closing, it’s worth pointing out that if your into CFL daily fantasy sports, DraftKings is the place to play.