What is the Best Daily Fantasy Sports App?

What is the Best Daily Fantasy Sports App?

Best Overall App
draftkings rating - best dfs apps

There is no debating that DraftKings is the leader in Daily Fantasy Sports. They offer the largest contests, the widest variety of sports, the industry’s top promotions, and also have a solid, US-based Sportsbook available in 7 states. Read more…

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Best Salary Cap Alternative
monkey knife fight rating - best dfs apps of 2020
Monkey Knife Fight

We love products that think outside of the box to solve problems, and that is exactly what Monkey Knife Fight is. MKF offers the only you vs the house product in daily fantasy… No sharks, no learning curve, DFS in the form of prop betting. Read more…

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Best For New Players
yahoo dfs rating - best dfs apps of 2020

Yahoo is all about creating a level playing field for their DFS players. They have much stricter entry limits, more beginner-only contests, strict no-scripting rules, and have created a product that allows new players to quickly find success in daily fantasy. Read more…

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Best Sportsbook
fanduel rating - best dfs apps 2020

While FanDuel may not be too far behind DraftKings in terms of volume, they are trailing in terms of quality of promotions, size of contests, and variety of sports offered. That being said, their sportsbook is undeniably the industry-best right now. Read more…

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Best New App/Format
superdraft logo

Fantasy Draft offers a subscription based, rake-free fantasy product. This means increased odds of winning, with true 50/50 double-up contests. The caveat is you need a subscription to enter more than 100 monthly contests. Read more…

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draftkings app overview - best daily fantasy apps of 2020


DraftKings joined FanDuel as one of the two major players in the fantasy industry in late 2014 early 2015. They offer a wide range of daily fantasy sports including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, PGA, UFC, Nascar, EPL, and more.

Fantasy football on DraftKings differs from FanDuel in a few ways. For one, you get a flex position instead of the kicker, and secondly, it is a full-ppr scoring league, and players also receive bonuses for 100+ yard rushing/receiving games and 300+ yard passing games. All of these differences should effect the way you build your lineups.

While DraftKings app and mobile website isn’t quite to the level of FanDuel’s in terms of user interface. It is easy to use, never slow, never down, and a blast to use. DraftKings offers the largest GPPs in the industry, including a $3 week 1 tournament with a $1 Million top prize. Check out the current DraftKings promotions for the 2020 NFL season.

App Store Rating 4.9/5   |   Apple Download
Play Store Rating 4.7/5   |   Android Download

monkey knife fight daily fantasy app overview

Monkey Knife Fight

Monkey Knife Fight somewhat snuck up on the DFS industry last season. They came up with a genius solution to a problem that has plagued the DFS industry for years, and that is Pros vs Joes.

The skills transition or many people moving from either sports betting or season-long fantasy into daily fantasy is not a steep hill to climb. The concept is simple, scoring is straight forward, and the rake is an easy concept to grasp. The issue is understanding contest selection and bankroll management. By entering the wrong contests you open yourself up to the sharks of the industry that abuse entry limits and feast on new players.

With Monkey Knife Fight you are only competing against the house. It’s simple over-under bets, or prop bets, that include everything from yardage and touchdowns to total fantasy points scored. You compete against a number that the house, Monkey Knife Fight, determines. It is a format that we absolutely love, and has become a mainstay of the Hello Rookie podcast. We close most shows with a series of Monkey Knife Fight contests. Register this September and receive a free $5 entry when you use our promo code HELLOROOKIE.

App Store Rating 4.8/5   |   Apple Download
Play Store Rating 4.6/5   |   Android Download

yahoo daily fantasy app overview copy

Yahoo Fantasy App

Yes, Yahoo offers Daily Fantasy! Not only does Yahoo offer DFS, but they are one of the fastest-growing names in the industry. This should come as no surprise, as arguably the biggest name in season-long fantasy sports, they have access to one of the largest pools of fantasy players in the industry.

For those of you that use the Yahoo! Fantasy app to manage your season-long fantasy football team, it may be worth a look as a daily fantasy app as well. You can view their lobby, build rosters, and ever contests right from the same app.

In terms of looks and functionality, it is right up there with FanDuel and DraftKings. The overall look is maybe a notch above DraftKings and below FanDuel, but the in-game features, tracking and size of GPP contests can’t compete with either site. It does, however, do a great job of not catering to ‘sharks’ that enter tens-of-thousands of contests every week and hunt out weaker players.

Yahoo! fantasy is a great option if you are looking for a mainstream company, a product developed for the little guy, maybe without the massive 7-figure prizes, but just about every other feature you could want from a DFS provider.

App Store Rating 4.6/5   |   Apple Download
Play Store Rating 4.4/5   |   Android Download

fanduel daily fantasy app overview


FanDuel is one of two brands cemented at the top of this industry. They offer the most polished app, website, and mobile website in the industry. Their user experience is second to none and has frequently been described as flawless.

FanDuel offers a daily fantasy product that is well thought out, extremely easy to learn, and extremely easy to win. They have GPPs that have paid out as much as $2 million to the winner, or head-to-head contests that allow you to challenge one other player, or free tournaments that let you test your skills against hundreds or thousands of other players.

If you are new to daily fantasy sports, FanDuel is the likely the app for you. Just stick to their beginner contests, and focus on 50/50 contests for your first couple weeks. Register using our top rated promotion for the start of the 2020 NFL season to receive a free entry into this week’s Sunday Million.

App Store Rating 4.8/5   |   Apple Download
Play Store Rating 4.5/5   |   Android Download

fantasydraft app overview - best daily fantasy apps


One of the fastest growing companies in the DFS industry, SuperDraft offers a completely unique take on salary-based fantasy football. Rather than give each player a salary, SuperDraft attaches a multiplier to every player available in a slate.

This multiplier could be anywhere from 1.2x to 2x. For instance, during week one of the NFL season, Lamar Jackson was the highest priced QB and had a 1x (or no) multiplier. Contrastingly, Teddy Bridgewater had a 1.75x multiplier and as a result, outscored Jackson despite scoring significantly fewer fantasy points.

The upside to this format is that you can start any player available in a slate. The downside is that building a lineup becomes extremely projection-based. It is truly impossible to assign a value to each player without using some sort of weekly projection, which tend to be wildly inaccurate.

App Store Rating 4.8/5   |   Apple Download
Play Store Rating 4.5/5   |   Android Download

4 Replies to “What is the Best Daily Fantasy Sports App?”

  1. Has anyone tried Super Draft? I played on it last night. Did a contest that let me create a lineup with no cap restrictions which I’ve never done or seen before. Very fun. Interested in hearing how people like it.

    1. Hey Chris, we haven’t tried your platform yet. It looks pretty solid though. We’ll put it on the list of things to do and cover. Thanks for reaching out, even if it is shameless plugging.

  2. Also, word on the street is that Yahoo is making some big moves. It’ll be interesting to see what they roll out for the 2019 – 2020 fantasy football season.

  3. If you want real, free, fun, Fantasy MMA, try Fanatics: Fantasy MMA. Made by fight fans, for fight fans. Available now on iOS and Android. Check out our website for a preview getfanatics.app

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