2022 Fantasy QB Sleepers

2022 Fantasy QB Sleepers

The past decade has seen the QB position dramatically decrease in overall value. Drew Brees and Tom Brady were once first-round picks, now there is real viability to the zero-QB draft strategy. Owners have leveraged this strategy by prioritizing the more unpredictable, but higher value positions and then finding week-to-week supplements for their roster.

We believe there is viability to this strategy – with the caveat that QBs should be picked up for three or four weeks at a time to save waiver priority. Here is a look at three quarterbacks who showcase potential and are currently outside of the top 14 drafted.

Kyler Murray (17)

This one admittedly feels like a bit of a cheat. If there were a name on this list expected to rise in ADP, this would be it. Murray has shown flashes of ability with inconsistencies making it difficult to trust the short-statured Heisman winner.

The positive is that Arizona tends to start the season strong. They rattled off seven consecutive wins to begin 2021 and Murray recorded at least 3 TDs in more than half of those games. On the other hand, Murray ran the ball with less frequency and less success in 2021 than in 2020.

Rushing for less than 500 yards and only 5 TDs means he is less of the dual-threat everyone once thought. A high-value name with below-average production over the 17-game season, Murray could yield a favorable trade return following a fast start.

Trevor Lawrence (19)

Lawrence was dealt a losing hand in 2021. The 12 TD – 17 INT look bad on the box score, but the rookie made clear improvements between the lines as the season progressed. Jacksonville has done a lot to improve his situation.

Lawrence’s collegiate safety blanket Travis Etienne returns to the lineup. A new receiving corps of Christian Kirk, Zay Jones, and Evan Engram may be slightly overpaid, but they’ve all shown flashes.

Lawrence is a low-risk, high-reward gamble which benefits from a bottom-tier schedule. Depending on how the matchups line up on release, Lawrence could play as an interesting early-season option.

Jameis Winston (26)

Jameis Winston is perhaps the most overlooked fantasy option coming into 2022. The turnovers from Tampa Bay subsided through the first seven weeks of last season before the ACL injury. Take that offense, which was handicapped by extreme injuries, add healthy options plus Chris Olave (my favorite rookie WR), and there is major potential coming out of New Orleans.

Winston has always been a boom or bust kind of player and that’s to be expected. As a late-round option, there are few that match his upside.

 Other Names to Watch

  • Jared Goff (27): Detroit is committing to improving their offense. A variety of weapons and another year offers interesting potential.
  • Drew Lock (30): Lock is one of the NFL’s best deep throwers, pair him with D.K. Metcalf and the upside is extremely enticing.

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