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Chewy Promo Code

Pet Food, Toys & Treats | Updated September, 2019
chewy promo code
Take yourself and ‘Fido’ digital with our Chewy Promo Code. Chewy isn’t only convenient for pet owners, they offer a significant amount of savings as well. Save on your entire purchase this September, 2019 with our Chewy Promo Code.

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chewy deal of the day 2019

Chewy Promotion of The Day

Save an extra $5 off all AvoDerm Natural dog food. Additionally, save up to an extra 53% select AvoDerm dog foods.

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chewy deal of the week 09-15-19 through 09-21-19

Chewy Promotion of The Week

Buy 2 and get 1 free – mix and match select Chewy treats. Includes dental treats, chews, bones, snacks and jerky.

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chewy deal of the month september 2019

Chewy Promotion of The Month

Save an extra 5% off Greenies Original Dental Dog Treats at any time when signed up for the auto-ship program.

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chewy deal of the year 2019

Chewy Promotion of The Year

By signing up for the Chewy Auto-Delivery program, you’ll save 30% off your first purchase. No promo code needed.

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Current Chewy Promo Code Details for September 2019

Truth be told, Chewy offers an absolute ton of savings on pet food and supplies in a variety of ways. For example, while individual products are often discounted, you can also save 30% off your first order by signing up for the auto-ship program.

Furthermore, some of the biggest discounts can be found by searching the Chewy Deals page. Granted most of these prices are clearance, but you can save as much as 60% for a limited time on select products.

No Chewy Promo Code is necessary to land the discounts on the Deals page. The discount is already built into the price and is easily visible in red.

Promotion30% Off
TermsSave 30% off your entire purchase. Offer available when opting into the auto-ship program.
More DetailsClick here for answers to FAQ’s regarding our current Chewy Promo Code offers.

By signing for the Autoship program you’ll save between 5% and 10% off your entire order each time the automated order ships.

One of the most widely used promotions in 2019 is the Chewy Promo Code for your first order. All throughout the year, including the month of September, you can find the best Chewy Promo Code discounts at the top of this page. When all else fails, know that you can check Reddit for Chewy Promo Code offers in 2019 as well. We’ve also seen a Chewy Coupon Code for $15 Off in 2019.

The Complete Guide to Using Chewy Promo Codes

Using our Chewy Promo Code is easy. Scroll to the top of this page and click on the Chewy Promo Code button to reveal the corresponding Chewy Promo Code offer. You can then enter that Chewy Promo Code during the checkout process.

  • 1. Scroll to the top of this page and click the Chewy Promo Code ‘Get Offer’ button.
  • 2. Navigate back to this page to view the now revealed Chewy Promo Code.
  • 3. Enter said Chewy Promo Code on the right hand side during the checkout process.
  • 4. Signup for the Chewy Autoship program.

chewy promo code faqs

Frequently Asked Chewy Promo Code Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked Chewy Promo Code and related questions.

Does Chewy offer free shipping?
Chewy offers free shipping on all orders of $50 or more and that promotion doesn’t require a Chewy Promo Code. On orders of $49 or less, they charge a standard shipping rate of $4.95. Most non-prescription orders are delivered within 1 – 2 business days. Orders requiring prescription verification can take slightly longer. You can easily track your order by visiting ‘My Account’ on the Chewy website.

It’s also noteworthy that Chewy orders don’t require a signature on delivery, they’ll simply be placed at your doorstep.

Furthermore, Chewy only currently operates and ships in the United States.

What is the Chewy return and refund policy?
Chewy has what they call a 100% Unconditionally Satisfaction Guarantee. In other words, they’re completely reasonable when it comes to returns and are happy to try and win your business. With that being said, prescription medications are non-refundable. If you need to return any Chewy products, simply contact their customer service team at 1-800-672-4399.

Can I change the shipment date or cancel my Chewy Autoship subscription?
Managing your Chewy and Autoship account couldn’t be easier. Simply login to your account on the Chewy website and edit anything you wish, including changing shipment dates or cancelling your Autoship subscription all together.

Does Chewy offer grain-free dog food?
Chewy is well aware of US consumers who want nothing but the best for their pets. Thus, they offer a huge selection of premium dog foods. In addition to offering grain-free foods, they offer flax-free, gluten free, GMO-free, high-protein and even human-grade options. In addition, there are always a ton of grain-free dog food discounts that don’t require a Chew Promo Code on the Deals page.

Does Chewy sell pet medication?
A lot of people are not aware of Chewy’s vast pet pharmacy. They carry a huge amount of medications including but not limited to heartworm, flee & tick, pain relief, skin, allergy relief and even ear and eye care to name a few. They also carry a number of other medications for a variety of health conditions.

chewy promo code for autoship program

Does Chewy have food for dogs on a raw diet?
Some pet owners are finding enormous benefits to keeping their fur-babies on a raw food diet. Being that this train of thought in actuality can be messy, Chewy has began offering a range of Freeze Dried foods. Going raw via freeze dry is way cleaner and way more convenient.

How do I setup Chewy Autoship?
First of all, click on the ‘Chewy Prom Code’ at the top of this page. Then proceed to the new tab and fill up your shopping cart with whatever you want. During the checkout process you can easily select which if any items you’d like to setup on the Autoship program. Again, you can always edit your Autoship settings in your account later on.

How do I manage my Chewy Autoship account?
In order to manage your Chewy Autoship account, you simply need to go to the Chewy website and login under ‘My Account’. You can change or cancel your Autoship account from that dashboard.

chewy promo code details

What does the Rx badge next to product names mean?
Any item on the Chewy website that has an Rx next to it’s name means that it requires a prescription in order to purchase it.

What information do I need to buy prescription products?
In order to purchase any prescription products from Chewy you’ll need to provide pet and vet information that Chewy indeed verifies.

Why do I have to setup a Chewy Pet Profile?
By simply navigating to ‘Your Account’ on the Chewy website and selecting ‘My Pets, you can easily enter and or update all of your pets information.

Everything You Need to Know About The Chewy Company

Chewy is a pet supply subscription service. They’re best known for their vast selection of premium quality dog food, toys and treats.

Founded in 2011 by Ryan Cohen and Michael Day, Chewy is headquartered in Dania Beach, Florida. Initially operating under the business name ‘Mr. Chewy’, Chewy has taken off like a rocket ship since it’s inception.

In less than 1 year from it’s founding date, it’s estimated that Chewy’s revenue was $26 million. The biggest investment firms and players in the world quickly boarded the Chewy train and by 2016 the company reached $236 million in venture capital funding.

By 2017, Chewy accounted for an estimated 51% of all online pet food and litter sales in the United States. In the same year, Chewy tallied an estimated $2 billion in revenue.

In addition, PetSmart acquired Chewy in May of 2017 for $3.35 billion in what was at the time, the largest ever e-commerce business acquisition.

Chewy, Inc. currently operates as a subsidiary brand of PetSmart. PetSmart owns 63.5% of the company (after having sold 20% of it’s stake to BC Partners and 16.5% to an unrestricted subsidiary).

As of June 14th, 2019, Chewy became a publicly traded company and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with ticker symbol, ‘CHWY’.

Chewy employs over 10,000 people (also known as ‘Chewtopians’) and has 13 locations in the United States. It now has two headquarters, the original in Dania Beach, FL and the newest in Boston, MA.

Notable Chewy Capital Investment Groups & Investors:

  • Volition Capital – Partners: Sean Cantwell, Larry Cheng, Andy Flaster and Roger Hurwitz.
  • Mark Vadon – Billionaire investor and founder of Blue Nile and Zulily.
  • T. Rowe Price – Key Executives: William J. Stromberg, Christopher Alderson, Céline Dufétel and David Oestreicher.
  • New Horizons Fund – Mutual Fund owned and operated by T. Row Price an headed by Joshua Spencer.
  • BlackRock – Key Executives: Larry Fink, Rob Kapito, Edwin Conway, Rob L. Goldstein and Ben Golub.
  • Allen & Co – Key Executives: Laura Hawley, Ralph Allen and Keith Albritton.
  • Verlinvest – Key Executives: Eric Melloul, Axelle Henry and Clement Pointillart.
  • Greenspring Associates – Ashton Newhall, Jim Lim and Eric Thompson.

Ryan Cohen stepped down as Chewy’s CEO in March of 2018 and was replaced by Sumit Singh (former Amazon & Dell executive).

Rounding out the rest of the executive team are heavyweights Chief Financial Officer Mario Marte (former Hilton Worldwide, American Airlines and Accenture LLC executive), Chief Technology Officer Satish Mehta (United Healthcare Group, Omni-channel, Staples, Inc and Yahoo! executive) and Chief Legal Officer Susan Helfrick (former GfK, Goldman Sachs and HSBC counsel).

Chewy prides itself on offering leading pet foods / supplies and features over 1,600 brands in all. Additionally, Chewy participates in pet rescue programs, non-profits and shelters that are considered the tip of the spear in animal welfare and well being.

As of mid 2019, Chewy is responsible for shipping over 100 million total orders since 2011. In the first fiscal quarter of 2019, Chewy has 11.3 million active customers.

chewy promo code and review 2019

What to Expect from Chewy Promo Codes in 2019

Chewy has recently been adding a ton of additional ways to save on their pet products. Below are some of the most recent and upcoming Chewy Promo Code offers.

15% OFF Orders of $49 or More
Order must include at least one Rx MED item. Use Chewy Promo Code: CHEWYRX.

20% OFF Espree Grooming Items
The discount is good on all Espress grooming products including but not limited to their Pet Wipes, Pet Cologne, Dental Gels and Shampoos.

25% OFF Frisco Grooming Supplies
Save on all Frisco Pet Supplies including but not limited to Potty Pods, Cat Litter and Chew Toys.

Save $5 on Select AvoDerm Products
Get $5 OFF all AvoDerm Natual dog and cat foods with Chewy Promo Code: AVO5.

Buy 2 Cheristin Flea and Save 10%
Take 10% off any order of 2 Cheristin Flea Treatments (6 Count) for cats over 1.8 lbs.

Buy 2 or More of Select Advantage II Flea Treatment Products and Save 10%
Lock in 10% Off any orders with 2 or more Advantage II Flea Treatments for dogs or cats.

50% OFF On Select Spectrum Products
Order Sentinel Spectrum dog medication and get 50% off.

20% OFF Blue Buffalo Wilderness
Get 20% off Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food with any purchase of $75 or more.

20% OFF Pets First
Take 20% off all Pets First gear including but not limited to NFL collars, leashes and pet sports gear.

20% OFF Hill’s Ideal Balance
Ideal Balance is being discontinued, load up on the dog and cat food savings while supplies last.

15% OFF Furhaven Products
For a limited time only, save 15% off select Furhaven dog beds.

Save $20 on AKC Link Plus Exclusively at Chewy
Order the AKC Link Plus dog GPS (Activity Monitor collar) and save $20.

20% OFF Armarkat Products
Land 20% off all Armarkat dog beds and cat trees.

20% OFF Hills Prescription Diet
Get 20% off all Hill Prescription Diet dog and cat food with Chewy Promo Code: NEWPD.

Save 20% on Snoozer Pet Products
Take 20% off any Snoozer dog and cat car seats or cozy beds.

Buy 2, Get 1 Free
Purchase any 2 dog treats from American Journey, Dr. Lyon’s, Bones & Chews, True Acre Foods or Tylee’s and get 1 free.

Like many modern web based companies, Chewy has set itself apart from the competition by systematically creating a perfect and simplified solution for all of your pet food and product related needs.

The pet food and supply industry is absolutely massive in the United States (what can we say, we love our fur babies). Just as it makes sense to receive human food (via similar subscription based companies such as Blue Apron and Hello Fresh), it’s also common sense to have pet foods, toys, supplies and medications seamlessly arrive at your doorstep.

Not only is Chewy incredibly convenient for busy pet owners who don’t necessarily have the time to make a trip to the vet or the local pet store, it’s actually very economical.

There’s no Chewy subscription fee or over-priced products to meet the unavoidable overhead in running a giant pet supply company. Instead, you’ll actually see the same exact prices on all of your favorite pet food, supply and toy brands or even cheaper (with our Chewy Promo Code) than that of your local retailer.

Chewy’s simply keeping product margins as is (or getting even better deals from manufactures) and betting on the fact that most pet owners would rather do their pet supply shopping online.

In terms of Chewy Promo Code offers, they never end. Various popular brands and products are routinely featured at a larger discount than you can find in retail stores. Additionally, it’s all about the Autoship program. Therefore, Chewy often offers a tremendous amount of savings up front to land you as a residual customer.

Our Chewy Review & Promo Code Rating
  • Brand Selection
  • Shipping Times
  • Available Discounts
  • Product Quality
  • Customer Service

Chewy Promo Code & Review Summary

We referenced it above but it's worth pointing out again. Chewy is a 'one-stop-shop' for all of your pet food, toy, supply and medication needs.

In addition to having an enormous supply of pet food and product brands, Chewy has gone to great lengths to ensure they meat the needs of all kinds of pet owners. For example, they have categorized a large amount of their products to help customers find exactly what they're looking for.

So, whether you just need dog food, a fairly consistent supply of treats/toys or complete puppy / kitten kits, Chewy has everything you need.

Along the same lines, Chewy puts out tons of fantastic information that new and experienced pet owners should know via the Chewy Blog.

Chewy has receive accreditation from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (being a .pharmacy verified website) and they're certified by LegitScript.

Still unsure if Chewy is legit or something you should try? Check out Chewy's 348,927 Google Reviews to learn more from actual customers. You'll be pleasantly surprised to know that out of those nearly 350,000 reviews, Chewy has managed a 4.9 out of 5 stars.