Bovada Review

Bovada Review

Complete SportsBook Analysis
bovada review

Complete Bovada Review for July

In this Bovada Review, we’ll cover the world renowned company & brand, as well as the sports book itself. Like every single online sports book and or gambling brand, the complete history of Bovada’s history is storied. Most of you are probably here however, to find answers to the following questions: Can you trust Bovada? Is Bovada a legitimate operation? Will you be able to withdrawal your funds in a timely fashion? The answer to all of these questions is in short, yes. Frankly, if you’re not much for reviews, head on over and pick up your Bovada Promo Code to get started.

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bovada reviews by hello rookie

We sort through the details of all the major daily fantasy and sports betting platforms with a fine tooth comb. When a platform has questionable or unidentifiable leadership and or ownership, we call them out.

Additionally, when an online gambling operation is known to or has a reputation of untimely withdrawals or shady behavior of any kind regarding customer funds, we call them out.

Outside of FanDuel & DraftKings, Bovada is perfectly positioned to be a leader in the emerging gigantic market known as the United States sports betting market.

The History of Bovada

Enter Bodog & Calvin Ayre:

When researching Bovada you’ll be no doubt be introduced to a company called Bodog. Bodog has a story attached to it, the likes of which even Hollywood would have a tough time dreaming up (try as they might).

Bodog was founded by Calvin Ayre in or around the year 2000 and began as a ‘software company’.

As the story goes, Ayre was nothing short of an early internet pioneer. If nothing else, at least in terms of having the vision for the potential of online commerce. More specifically, Ayre was aware of the gambling industry and knew how the internet would play a role in it’s future.

After creating and licensing his software to several online casinos, he quickly and correctly understood that the overarching business play would be to develop his a gaming operation of his own. was established in the year 2000.

It’s worth pointing out, (especially in light of the legal questions that would soon surround him – and how he’s seen today) that his intention from the beginning was to not just create an internet gaming operation, but a brand.

While competitors were focusing on nothing but the money, leading to a fly-by-night domain name approach such as, and the like, he had longevity in mind from the start.

In Ayre’s mind, Bodog would be an actual brand that he would develop and build over-time to be known as a leader in the industry. In addition, it’s clear that Ayre admired Richard Branson’s approach to marketing his companies (Virgin Group).

Whatever your opinion is of the early Bodog marketing strategy, the fact is, it worked. Bodog recorded a turnover of around $7.3 billion and roughly $210 million in revenue in 2005.

Featured on the cover of the 2006 Forbes Annual Billionaires edition magazine and Star Magazine’s Most Eligible Billionaire Bachelors edition of 2007, Ayre climbed to the top.

After passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006, (also known as the UIGEA) Ayre ‘withdrew’ from the market and instead licensed his Bodog brand (and subsequently sold the underlying business) to the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group, operating out of the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake in Quebec, Canada.

The Morris Mohawk Gaming Group operated the Bodog brand in the United States until late 2011. Importantly, Ayre retained the rights to the Bodog brand and licensed it to online gambling companies in Europe and Asia (around 2009).

Ayre was eventually vindicated of United States federal charges in 2017, after it was found that the initial charges brought in 2012 by United States Attorney for Maryland were highly irregular and ran afoul to the World Trade Organization’s ruling, relative to America’s General Agreement on Trade in Services obligation.

Not only was the domain (previously seized by aforementioned US Attorney) returned to Ayre, but he was also given a $100,000 payment. Furthermore, a case study by the Democracy Institute claimed that law enforcement officials intimidated Ayre years before an indictment was issued against him.

Reportedly, US law enforcement officials tried contacting Ayre through 3rd parties in an efforts for him to make a $350 million payment to the US Treasury.

The government of Antigua and Barbuda stood behind Ayre and reiterated that he was actually a victim as opposed to a culprit. Ayre currently holds the title of Special Economic Envoy to the Government of Antigua.

(Again, remember that this is a highly summarized version of events.)

The Connection Between Bovada & Bodog:

The private company previously referenced known as Mohawk Morris Gaming Group is said to currently own & operate (at the time of writing this article) both the Bovada and Bodog brands. Also known as MMGG, the gaming group is widely viewed as a responsible and reputable business.

The Bovada brand was created in 2011 in an effort to rebrand Bodog in the US market.

It is unclear if Ayre had anything to do with the Bovada brand name or if Ayre frankly still has some sort of licensing deal in place relative to the Bodog ‘system’ and or brand. (We suspect he might and are fine with that after researching the entire story.)

bovada review of betting types

Bovada Review of Betting Types

Bovada features all the traditional types of betting along with live, futures and lines for basically everything.

bovada review of rollover policy

Bovada Review of Rollover Policy

Just like all sports books, Bovada has strict requirements in place regarding their bonuses and or promotions. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to thoroughly read over the Terms of Service page to familiarize yourself with all of Bovada’s policies.

This will ensure that you’re not in for any surprises regarding your experience.

Additionally, when it comes to Bovada bonuses, new player specials and or deposit promotions, most of them have specific rollover requirements attached to them.

For example, if you elect to use a 25% deposit bonus, you may very well be required to enter a number of additional contests before you’re eligible to withdrawal funds.

Specifically, refer to the individual promotion, but also read over Terms of Service section 4.9 for additional information.

bovada review of house rules

Bovada Review of House Rules

Unlike some fly-by-night gambling websites, Bovada lays everything out pretty well in their Terms of Service. Again, it’s important to read this in it’s entirety before creating your account.

We’d just note that compared to other ‘House Rules’ that we’ve seen, Bovada’s is very reasonable and isn’t worded in some kind of cryptic shady way (a lot of those that we review are very cryptic).

bovada review of ux and ui

Bovada Review of Platform / App UI & UX

The Bovada desktop and mobile platforms are top of the line. It’s clear that they have been meticulously developed and are well maintained.

You will not find a sports betting platform that is maintained better than Bovada. Everything is intuitive and easy to navigate.

(It’s also worth pointing out that Bovada is in a class of it’s own in terms of it’s casino playing options. They offer a real (virtual) setting to play with real dealers, real tables and real players.)

bovada review of sports book menu

Bovada Review of Sports Covered

Bovada covers all the major sports that you would expect along with a vast number of additional sports betting options. Essentially, if it’s a well organized sport and has a descent sized following, Bovada has lines for it.

bovada review summary

Bovada Review Summary 2019

Bovada is a name that we stand behind 100%.

Bovada Review Details
  • Trustworthiness
  • Rollover Requirements
  • Betting Types
  • Mobile Use
  • Legitimacy

Bovada Rating Overview

When someone asks us where they should place bets online, the answer has been Bovada for a long time.

Again, this is an exciting time for sports betting int he United States. We think Bovada is in a great position to be a leader in US sports betting.

Additionally, Bovada knows the type of scrutiny that all platforms will be under in the US market.

It's our opinion that because of the coming scrutiny, regulation and sure to be capital requirements in the US, Bovada is an even safer place to play.

We're down. We're on the team. Bet responsibly and bet with Bovada!