Action Network Edge Review for 2019

Action Network Edge Review for 2019

Complete Tool Analysis
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Complete Action Network Review for October

In this Action Network Edge Review, we’ll cover the product and the team behind it’s development. The Action Network was founded by The Chernin Group in October, 2017. The Action Network Edge is a premium daily fantasy and sports betting subscription service. An Edge subscription consists of original news, premium insights, betting tools, as well as data & odds. If you’re ‘down’ with the Action Network, be sure to use our Action Network Edge Promo Code when signing up.

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In the beginning, enterprises consisting of Sports Insights, FantasyLabs and the SportsAction application, were acquired by The Chernin Group and combined to create the overarching Action Network parent brand.

The Chernin Group is led by none other than American businessman, investor and media mogul Peter Chernin.

In late 2018, Patrick Keane was named the new CEO of The Action Network. Additionally, in early 2019, The Action Network finished yet another round of Series B financing which landed $17.5 million, led by Fertitta Capital.

Fertitta Capital is of course chaired by legendary visionary and man who turned the UFC brand into a billion dollar behemoth, Lorenzo Fertitta.

In other words, The Action Network is making giant moves in the daily fantasy and sports betting industry. To put it mildly, The Action Network is legitimate and worthy of your consideration as a premium subscription service.

The Action Network Edge Review of Subscription Types & Options

Although this may very well expand and or change in coming months or years, The Action Network Edge subscription service is available in both monthly and yearly options.

To be clear, there is only one product and that is the entire Edge platform of in-depth news, insights, tools and data. However, when you opt for the annual subscription you’ll save as much as 60% compared to the monthly rate.

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The Action Network Review of Noteworthy Data & Functionality

If you’re a ‘sports nut’, with an affinity for daily fantasy and sports betting, the Action Network Edge platform is a must have source. They feature the latest news, analysis and storylines for nearly every single game or match on your radar.

Additionally, the Edge service provides an unmatched and intuitive betting breakdown to help you make smart decisions. Notably, this functionality includes but is not limited to projected spreads, line movement meters and indicators where the pros & public money is on every game or match.

Lastly, perhaps one of the best aspects of the Edge service is the ability to track all of your bets in one beautifully designed and easy to comprehend place.

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The Action Network Review of Platform & App UI/UX

Honestly, The Action Network Edge desktop and mobile platform is completely unrivaled. Let’s face it, as indicated above, this brand has the capital to invest in and develop anything that it desires.

We’re very happy to report that by the looks of things, they’ve produced a premium quality product (regardless of how much it may have cost). Edge is clean, intuitive and provides the information all daily fantasy and sports betting fans are looking for.

the action network review summary

The Action Network Review Summary 2019

We know where the daily fantasy and sports betting industry is heading and so does The Action Network. They identified a need in the sports betting industry for live data, signaling smart money moves, shark moves, and more. They then perfectly executed on that idea and created a product that is the perfect tool for the belt of sports bettors everywhere.

Action Network’s 4.9 rating is the single highest grade we have given a sports betting tool in 2019. We truly believe the tool pays for itself within the first minute of your membership, and when you compare the cost of Action Network’s Edge to their competitors it is less than 10% the cost!

Action Network Edge Rating

With Action Network providing so much data and information for free, you may be wondering if the Edge membership is worth the investment. We are the first to call a product not worth the cost if we find it lacking, but that is not the case here.An Edge membership is a no-brainer if you love sports betting. The data you get for $5/month pays for itself in about 30 seconds. Even if you don't live in a state where you can bet on sports, the investment is well worth it for fantasy players. The fantasy content on Action Network will flat out blow you away.

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